Terms of Service

In the last few years, several major museums and libraries around the globe have instituted an open access policy by designating most or all of the public domain art in their collections with a creative commons license making them freely available for use for any purpose, including commercial.

We sort through and aggregate the best of these images in one location to make them easy to discover and download.

Permission is therefore granted for users of the site to download, share and reuse these images with no restrictions attached.

Some images are sourced from Wikimedia Commons in which case we also mirror their stance on public domain images which states that “Photographs that carefully reproduce two-dimensional public domain work are also in the public domain”.
This is based on several court rulings around the world including The U.S. case of Bridgeman v. Corel.

The European Union (EU)’s Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market was adopted and came into force on 7th June 2019. Article 14 of the directive states that reproductions of works of visual art that are in the public domain cannot be subject to copyright or related rights, unless the reproduction is an original creative work.

A List of countries’ copyright lengths can be found here.